My own experience says to me that if you can laugh rightly, in the right moment, it will bring you out of unconsciousness into the open sky, from darkness to light. Nothing makes you stop your thinking as laughter does.just for a moment you are no more mind, just for a moment you are no more time. Just for a moment you have entered into another space where you are total and whole and healed.

If you don’t want to cry, your eyes will lose the lustre because tears are needed; they are a very alive phenomenon. When once in a while you weep and cry, you really go into it — you become it — and tears start flowing down your eyes; your eyes are cleansed, your eyes again become fresh, young, and virgin.

Mind means words: self means silence. Mind is nothing but all the words that you have accumulated; silence is that which has always been with you, it is not an accumulation. This is the meaning of self. It is your intrinsic quality. Silence is meditation. It is a question of changing the gestalt, shifting the attention from words into silence - which is always here.

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