ANUTOSHO (Doris Cremer), Corfu and Berlin
I became Sannyasin in 1984. For many years since, The Osho Mystic Rose is and has been part of my life. Leela Itzler, who trained me, offered and encouraged me to share this precious and powerfull process, which has been given to her by Osho. I am grateful for the possibility to share the beautiful Mystic Rose with others. During the process of this work I experience a deep cleansing. A letting go of all the collected rubbish and getting a feeling of freshness like a new birth. It connects me deeply with my inner space, with that which I really am.

SHIVAM (Nick Rabb), Kenya
Having practiced Osho meditations and therapies for a few years I was finally drawn to and did my first Mystic Rose 15 years ago and soon after that I took Sannyas. Although it’s a very simple process it filled me with such joy and lightness made that I’ve been doing it intermittently ever since. I have trained under Leela Itzler and have done five Mystic Roses with Leela as the facilitator, each time deepening my meditation as well as lightening my being. Since it’s brought such joy and lightness to my life I’d like to offer this amazing process to others.

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